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A high density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe is mainly created to assist in the transportation of water and sewage. For the pipe to last for a long period of time, you need to take excellent care of it. Here are methods on the best ways to take good care of it:

Ways to take care of HDPE pipelines made of high quality duct rodder

When it pertains to installation, you should guarantee that the systems are effectively installed. As rule of thumb you should make sure that you install them in accordance with the instruction of the maker.

Two of the most typical ways of installing the pipes made of high quality duct rodder are: directional bore technique and open trench construction. For perfect outcomes, you must guarantee that the pipes are set up by a qualified service technician.

You must never drop the systems in a trench or require them through a directional bore upon “pull-back.” This is to prevent damaging the pipes.

When carrying the pipes, you should beware and ensure that you do not damage them. The very best materials to manage the pipes are: ropes, fabric or rubber protected slings and straps.

If you want to raise the pipes made from high quality duct rodder, you ought to use two slings that have actually been spread out apart. You need to avoid using chains, hooks, or cables that have been placed into the pipeline ends.

When storing the systems, you must ensure that you store them on level ground that is without sharp objects which can damage the pipeline. If you are planning of stacking the pipelines, you ought to guarantee that the units you stack together do not warp the bottom layers.

If the ground is not ideal for storing the pipes made of high quality duct rodder, you ought to think about using wood sleepers. The sleepers ought to be spaced in such a method that there is no deformation of the pipeline at the point of contact with the sleeper or in between supports.

Duct Rodder

When linking the systems to auxiliary equipment such as valves, tanks, and pumps, you should ensure that the connection is correctly done. For appropriately connection to occur 3 things must occur:

1. Polyethylene flange should be thermally butt-fused to the stub end of the pipeline
2. A 316 stainless-steel back up ring should mate with a 316 stainless-steel flange
3.316 stainless-steel bolts and nuts should be utilized


These are some of the methods on how to look after a HDPE pipeline. To be particular that the pipe is of high quality you ought to ensure that you purchase it from a trustworthy store. When installing the system, always guarantee that the work is done by a certified specialist.

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