Steel Garden Stakes

Change your garden into a gallery of stake sculpture!  Steel garden stakes can add an unique touch of color and whimsy to any garden location. Add them to a potted plant, in an entrance, on your balcony, along a pathway, flower bed or an herb garden. They come in a range of designs, shapes and sizes to choose from.

Steel Garden Stakes

Nearly anything can end up being a garden stake. You might try making some of your very own. Some inexpensive dowels, used broom handles or balusters will make the ideal part to stick in the ground. Next, let you creativity run wild! See what you find lying around your home or pick up items of decor at a yard sale to top your stakes. Utilizing screws and weatherproof glue, connect your finds. You can use practically anything! Think about a little terra-cotta pot, door knob, vibrant beads strung on copper wire, a drawer pull, little watering can, painted wooden pin wheel or a plastic accessory of some kind … grab the sky! If you select items that might hold water (such as the little terra cotta pot), it is best to drill a little whole in their bottoms for drain. Paint your steel garden stakes, if desired, utilizing bright outside paints so they stick out.

You can also buy steel garden stakes of all kinds. Anything from vibrant whirly-gigs, painted metal flowers, bouncy butterflies, frogs and angels. You call it, they are out there for you shopping pleasure.

Other steel garden stakes can be personalized and utilized as markers for flowers or veggies. You may wish to utilize old discarded shovels heads or hoes. Insert a short manage to stick it in them ground. “Invite to My Garden” could be painted or stenciled on it to include your very own individual touch.

Seasonal steel garden stakes may be a witch zipping on her broomstick, a pumpkin jack- a-lantern, or goblin for Halloween. You might wish to make a scarecrow from old clothes you have lying around. Things it with some straw and this would be terrific to scare off birds from your garden or just a great fall decoration. Christmas is the ideal time for that “Santa Stop Here” sign. Think about a snowman measuring stay with count the snowfall soon to come.

All of these ideas make a terrific garden stake! Whether you make them yourself or acquire an unique one, steel garden stakes perk up any garden space! Simply choose your season and have a good time designing. Take a look at the choice of steel garden stakes at