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How can I add characters?

You can add a character by clicking on the “Create New” link under the “My Characters” tab. When you add a character, you will need to select the Region, Server and input your Character Name. Upon creation, your character will be a non-verified character.

How can I find characters to follow?

You can finding characters that have registered for by going to the “Find” tab. On the “Find” page, you can either search for characters by name, using the search dialog box, or you can click “Browse Characters” to see the complete list of registered characters.

What are channels?

Channels are something unique to Channels allow your character to follow specific tweets on different Realms. You can follow channels specific to achievements, trade, LFG (looking for group) and the general realm. You can find channels much like how you would search for characters. You can either search for the channel by name using the search dialog box or you can click “Browse Channels” to see the complete list of channels.

What does it mean to follow a character or channel?

Following a character or channel means you will receive updates from them. When you follow a character or channel, every time there is a new message posted, it will appear on your home page. New messages are added to your home page in real time. When you log in, you will see the latest updates.

How do I follow a character or channel?

Following a character of channel is quick and easy. Simply click the “follow” button on a character’s profile page or from the search results page, after searching for a specific character or channel. After clicking the “follow” button, you will be following them. Please note: When clicking on the “follow” button, the character selected (displayed in the drop box) will be assigned as the character following the character or channel.

How do I know what character’s I’m following?

You can see how many characters you are following under the “following” link on your profile or home page. After clicking the “follow” button from your home or profile page, you will see all the characters you are following. By default, the character list will display only the characters you are following for the selected character (displayed in the drop box). You can see all the characters that all your characters are following by clicking the “All Your Friends” link.

How can I stop following a character or channel?

You can stop following a character or channel at any time by clicking the “remove” button located next to the character or channel name.

How do I know who is following my characters?

By clicking the “followers” link on your profile or home page you will be able to see who is following you.

Can I block characters from following me?

Currently with our Beta version, you can not block characters from following other characters. We are looking to implement this feature in our next release. If this is something that you feel is really important to you, please let us know by sending us feedback.

How do I change the character I want to send messages from?

You will always know which character you have selected by looking at your character name above the message input box. On the top right corner of the page, there is a character display drop down menu. The character name that is displayed is the current character you have selected. You can change characters by selecting the different character name from the drop down menu.

Where are my world of warcraft screenshots located?

Windows XP – C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\Screenshots 
Windows Vista – C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\World of Warcraft\Screenshots

 What is “Verify Character?”

Verifying your character is a way to allow other people to know that you are who you say you are. After you verify your character, your icon changes from a grayed-out icon to a color iron. 
*Eventually, we will allow verified characters to post their own images.

Verifying your character is a simple 3 step process. You can start the process on the “My Characters” page by clicking on the “Verify Character” button. After you click the button, you will be directed to take 3 steps to verify your character.

Step 1: Log into World of Warcraft and un-equip what you have on your “???” (This item changes each time you try to verify your character) 
Step 2: Log out of World of Warcraft 
Step 3: Click the “Finish” button

Can I send Direct Messages?

Direct messages is another feature that is on the developing board and not available during our Beta version. We are looking to implement this feature soon. If this is something that you feel is really important to you, please let us know by sending us feedback.

Can I post my character picture to

Unfortunately, at the moment, this feature is not available. We are looking to implement this feature soon. Please let us know if this is something that is important to you so that we can raise it up on the priority list.

Why are accounts suspended?

Accounts are suspended for Terms of Service violations or spam investigation. Read more about in our Terms of Service agreement.